5 Different Types of Auto Window Tint

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Installing window tint on your car is one of the smartest things to do. It offers many advantages such as getting privacy, having a cooler interior, and being protected from the UV rays which can damage not only your skin but also your car interiors.

However, because of several available options, you need help in deciding what type of window tinting is best for your car. Each type offers their own benefits as well as downsides, but by knowing their advantages and disadvantages choosing will be a lot easier.

Here are the five most commonly used types of auto window tints and their advantages and disadvantages.


This type of film is the most common among all the types because of its cost and appearance. Its material includes a layer of dyed polyester film partnered with an adhesive layer.

Dyed window film offers many advantages. It is very cost effective. It provides a non-reflective dark effect giving your car a beautiful aesthetic. It doesn’t block radio waves so you can use your radio, cell phone, and GPS systems without any interference. Lastly, it blocks a good amount of unwanted UV rays (about 50%) and glare from headlights and other lights on the road.

This type also has its downsides. It produces a bubbled appearance when not installed properly and the dye will eventually fade overtime.


This type of window tinting also protects your car from heat by reflecting it. It consists of several layers: adhesive bonds, treated film to block UV rays, which are then bonded to a metalized layer that blocks the heat.

Similar to dyed window films, it provides many benefits. It keeps your car extra cool because it reflects heat even before it enters your car. It also blocks UV rays efficiently as well as any bright lights ahead. It is extremely durable and can definitely last for a really long time. Furthermore, it strengthens the resistance quality of your car window from potential damage, so you can be safe from broken glasses in case of an accident.

While it has many benefits, it also has notable disadvantages. Because of its metallic composition, it can interfere with radio waves, phone signals, and GPS system. It can also appear very shiny which can sometimes be too overwhelming to look at. Also, it costs higher than the dyed window film.


From the name itself, it is a combination of the two types of window tint: the dyed film and the metalized film. This option, compared to metalized window tint, is cheaper but also more durable than that of the dyed window film.

The advantages of this auto window tint are the same as the dyed and metalized films but with a fewer disadvantage. This type doesn’t interfere with your radio and phone signals and it doesn’t appear too reflective and shiny giving your car a better visual appeal.


Carbon tinting film is also a high quality option for your car windows. Next to dyed window tint, it is the next most common choice among car owners because of the following reasons.

It has a really attractive matte finish that most car owners prefer. It is also very effective in blocking the UV rays that are responsible for the warming of your car interior. In turn, it will keep your car cooler allowing you to use your AC less. It is also durable and won’t fade over time. Plus, because it does not contain any metal, you can freely use any electronic devices without interference.

Fortunately, the only disadvantage about this option is that it is quite expensive compared to the other four.


This type of auto tint is considered as the highest quality of all the options available. It is made from ceramic particles that are known for their nonconductive properties.

Ceramic tinting tint offers the most advantages. It blocks up to 50% of ultraviolet rays but gives you the maximum visibility no matter the time. It also blocks any light glare. They are not super glossy like the metalized film and have the best visual appearance. They also boost window shatter resistance which makes you safer from broken glass related accidents. They are also very durable and are guaranteed to last for many years. And the best thing is that it does not interfere with any signal whether you are on your radio, phone, or GPS system.

The only drawback when choosing this type is the cost. Because of its many benefits, it is the most expensive option. Knowing the different advantages and disadvantages of each window type gives you a good idea on what to choose. But no matter what type of window film you go for, always seek for a professional help in the installation to avoid any future regrets. After all, you deserve a nice-looking ride with all the protection you can get from your chosen auto window tint. …

5 Reasons to Hire a Window Tinting Professional

Perhaps you’ve decided to tint your car windows so you can enhance privacy, reduce heat and glare, or ensure the interior of your vehicle remains cool. No matter the reason, you should consider leaving this kind of work to a professional. The fact that there are DIY window tint kits in the local stores doesn’t necessarily mean that doing it yourself is a good idea. Whether it’s tinting the windows of your home or your car windows, the job requires more skill and expertise to get it right the first time. Not convinced? Here’s why it’s crucial to let a professional handle your home window tinting project.

Familiarity with Local Tinting Regulations

Did you know there are regulations to be followed when it comes to window tinting? Each state has different guidelines and regulations explaining how dark a can tint can be. There’s a good chance you weren’t aware that your city has such regulations in place. Professional window tint installers not only have the right skills but stay up-to-date on the current tinting regulations. Having one install your car window tint will help you avoid fines and even tint removal by the authorities.

Guaranteed Work

A professional tint service guarantees quality service and in case they do a bad job, you can demand re-tinting or have your money back. Most professional window-tinting companies you’ll come across do offer guarantee for their work. It’s important that you ask your window tinting company about their guarantee before hiring them.

Help choose the right Tint

Choosing the right window tint film for your needs can be overwhelming. The options available in the market are so many which is why you need a professional to help you find one that matches your preferences and needs. The technician from your window tint installation company will be happy to answer all your questions and ensure you install professional grade materials on your windows.

First-Time Success

Installing a window film isn’t just about sticking the film to your window. It’ a one-shot deal when it comes to window tint installation. There are no two ways around it. Chances are you won’t perfectly apply window tint fil to your windows since you’re not trained and experienced in handling this kind of work. Making errors during installation would mean trying again and again. What you don’t know is that removing the film from the window tends to be more difficult that applying it. A professional window tint company guarantees first-time success thereby saving you money and time.

Benefit from Knowledge and Experience

While DIY window tint kits might seem less costly they are usually lower in quality compared to professional grade window tint materials. The technicians from a reputable window tint installation service are highly trained and experienced in handling this work. Why would you risk applying a DIY window tint kit and make costly mistakes when you can take advantage of the professional expertise, knowledge, and experience of a window tint installation expert?

When hiring a window tint service, be sure to choose one with a good reputation and credibility. Ensure the company offers quality services, quality customer service, and have great reviews from previous customers.